Above the roofs
Increase of another storey on a bunker with KORN air-lux

Hamburg must grow in the inner-city and for this reason new living space is being generated at places which have never been used for decades.

In Hamburg-Ottensen an ancient bunker for shelter is being re-constructed into a residential tower. While the first apartments have already been occupied, the area on top of the bunker roof will now be re-constructed into an exclusive two-storied loft apartment. This allows a fantastic panoramic 360° view over the city of Hamburg. After a planning stage of one year with the company BICON Generalplanung with whom we are cooperating very closely together we will jointly execute this project in October 2016.

After intensive consultation and a visit to the factory, the builders decided to choose a façade with sliding sashes by KORN air-lux due to the fact that you are facing all kind of wind and weather conditions in a height of 18 meters.
100% of tightness in storm and rainy weather can be guaranteed thanks to the patented pneumatic seal. And moreover the noise of the inner-city also stays outside.


Idea of Design: Bauherrenschaft /Bicon Generalplaner
Coordination: Bicon Generalplaner
Building time KORN: October 2016


  • KORN air-lux
  • Overall area of windows: approx. 100 m²
  • Number of elements: 5
  • Bautypen: filigree sliding-doors

Special features:

  • Installation in 18m hight
  • noise - protection
  • motorized sliders
  • shading systems
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