KORN LIGNUM SECURE Architect: Gabellini Associates

For highest demands Tested security windows and doors made of wood.

KORN LIGNUM SECURE has no peers anywhere in the world, combining advanced security technology with sophisticated aesthetics. The windows and doors satisfy forced entry prevention security classes from RC2 to RC4 and offer details that exceed the limits of European DIN EN standards. Windows and doors meeting bullet resistance classes up to FB6 and FSG can also be provided.

Penetration Resistance

LIGNUM SECURE is the outcome of intensive development work in conjunction with in-house testing on its own test bench, while the system has also passed external tests conducted by a certified testing institute.

To put us in a position to fit out elegant villas, both historic and modern, with LIGNUM SECURE, we had to test a wide variety of variants in order to ensure architecturally desirable layouts and functions. Through the selection of the wood’s dimensions, the use of attractively shaped hinges, special bronze thresholds, concealed fittings and motorized transoms satisfying security classes up to RC4, we were able to devise holistic design solutions for our customers.

Bullet Resistance

KORN Windows & Doors specializes in villa construction, with its exacting and exceptional requirements. For decades, KORN wooden windows and doors have been a byword for the extraordinary. Today, KORN LIGNUM products allow architects to realize virtually any idea and customer request to a unique quality level, in terms of materials, design, security and technical equipment. And to do so for the most exclusive villas, all round the world. Over 100 different and combinable design options are available. Most of our solutions have been developed in-house at KORN, and they can only be obtained exclusively from KORN.

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