KORN stands for the ultimate competence in windows for exclusive, international villas.

The family enterprise was founded in 1946 near Hamburg and specialises in particularly exacting projects for architects and clients who make exceptional demands towards the quality of the design, advice, products and services they receive when it comes to architecture and window technology.

KORN owes its leading position in the market to numerous projects jointly carried out with internationally renowned architects and to its reputation as an inventor of innovative window systems, such as “Sprosse 22” – a beautiful, highly functional window design with a sound sense of style, which has saved many houses from being renovated out of recognition.

International Projects

Company History

  • 2019 Release of the Product line LIGNUM SECURE
  • 2017 Extension of the production facility
  • 2006 First Projects in Russia
  • 2004 Foundation of KORN Windows & Doors GmbH
  • 1985 First Projects in the USA
  • 1980 Development of the famous Sprosse 22
  • 1979 New CEO Wilhelm Korn
  • 1946 Foundation Cornelius Korn GmbH

The perfect combination of beauty and technology

How does a north German joinery become an international brand?

We’ve always wanted something special so together with architects we aim to create something unique. In every project we endeavour to conjure up the ideal blend of technology and beauty. That is what drives us. The building of exclusive homes is thus the perfect fit for us.

Wilhelm Korn
Wilhelm Korn is the owner of KORN and manages the company in second generation.

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What does ‘beauty’ mean in this context?

Windows used to be status symbols and expressions of good taste. During the last century this was often forgotten, which led to many buildings being oversanitised. In response to this KORN has developed and patented ‘Sprosse 22’: a beautiful, stylish and highly functional window construction for modernisation projects which conform to ‘listed buildings’ regulations. Generally we notice that there is a strong need for windows which offer convenience AND style in a perfect form.

Are you talking about the building owner’s needs here?

Not just them. Clients want to use their homes as a statement for their tastes, while also gaining living quality. Windows play a major role here: protecting from and also representing to the outside world, and internally enjoyed like high-quality and unique furnishings which you want to touch. These days we notice that many architects consciously use windows and doors as design elements. For example: setting different accents in a home by using a variety of different window types and materials. The main house is classically fitted with wooden windows and the ancillary building windows are made of slim and modern aluminium or a special surface such as driftwood from Korn.

What can i, as an architect or client, expect from korn?

As an architect: a comprehensive package of services from a single source, unrivalled in quality and comprising consulting, planning, production, installation and services for exclusive homes anywhere in the world. With KORN I know that I will be advised by experienced specialists who will implement every one of my ideas with the utmost quality and thereby excite my clients, even when it comes to lowering a window, weighing as much as a ton, into the ground. As the client I receive windows and doors which will remain beautiful and functional and retain their value from one gener-ation to the next.

How does korn ensure that its clients arrive at truly individual solutions?

By showing them what is possible right from the start. There are countless different variations comprising materials such as wood, bronze, steel and aluminium, plus features such as mosquito protection, sound insulation and sun screening to name but a few. Special surfaces, opening variations, metal fittings. The list pretty much goes on forever. At KORN we have created a sophisticated system designed to ensure that we come up with the right solution whatever the requirements.

How do you guarantee that through your products?

We manufacture our Korn LIGNUM wooden windows in our 5,000 m² facility in Wedel near Hamburg. They are superior to all competitive products not only in terms of design but also material quality and craftsmanship. As of this year we offer five further window products made out of bronze, aluminium or steel, each of which also possesses its own unique product characteristics. Thanks to this product variety and backed up by our expertise, clients and architects can realise the most exacting international housing projects with KORN as their sole partner.

Which architects has korn worked with to date?

Outstanding architects we have worked with are Robert Stern, Frank O. Gehry, Sir Norman Foster, David Chipperfield, Gerkan Marg and Partner, Quinlan and Francis Terry and
Professor Kollhoff, among others.

Can you tell us about some of your clients?

Over the past 23 years we have executed projects for Jil Sander, Bernard Arnault, Gianni Versace, Roman Abramowitsch, Claudia Schiffer, Tom Hanks and many other international clients with highest demands . During this time we have continuously developed new products in collaboration with our clients. For example, a new window design in cooperation with Jil Sander for her house in Ibiza.