Ensemble of villas in Hamburg

This exclusive ensemble of residential and event houses is being built in association with the interior designer Ulrich Stein Einrichtungen and the architects of ORP. In it, three very different types of window from our portfolio harmonise perfectly with each other.

In the residential building, all the elements are of the type KORN IP-55 – large French windows (measuring 1.29 m x 3.06 m), mullion-and-transom facades and large dimensioned integral sliding doors with retractable seals.

The exciting contrast between the metal surface on the outside and the fine wooden finish on the inside, as well as the sharp-edged profiles and flush handles, emphasise the modern language of the architecture used. By installing pre-frames to begin with, the other workmen were able to work precisely to the reveals without damaging the finished elements.

The event house, standing in park-like grounds, is surprising in the shapes used, which are inspired by the style of a Japanese pagoda. The frames of the 19 KORN burckhardt’s glide sliding doors, with an overall area of 286 m², were integrated into the façade on all four sides, flush with the surface. The colour of the Eloxal surface emulates that of high-class architectural bronze.

Nine KORN retrac system descender fronts with a total window area of 200 m² open up a bright architecture, bathed in light and suffused with air, in which all elements can be lowered into the floor at the same time. Outdoors and indoors blend into each other, producing a spectacular sense of spaciousness.

Project details:

  • Design: Ulrich Stein Einrichtungen
  • Planning office: U. Stein + ORP
  • Construction time KORN: 08.2013–approx. 06.2015

Residential house:

  • Products: KORN IP-55
  • Overall window area: 357 m²
  • Type/number: 16x KORN IP-55 windows + doors, 28x KORN IP-55 integrated sliding doors, 62 m glass railings, 41x venetian blinds and awnings, as well as garage door and entrance door system
  • Maximum dimensions: sliding doors 4.84 m x 3.02 m, French windows 1.29 m x 3.06 m
  • Special feature and challenges: Preliminary frames

Event house:

  • Products: KORN burckhardt’s glide, KORN retrac system
  • Overall window area: 672 m²
  • Type/number: 19x KORN burckhardt’s glide, some with glass railings, 286 m², 9x KORN retrac system retractable Schüco elements, 11x Schüco, 68 m², 118 m² mullion-and-transom facade
  • Maximum dimensions: KORN burckhardt’s glide 5.34 m x 3.12 m, retractable systems 4.33 m x 3.61 m, mullion-and-transom facade 1,40 m x 6,79 m
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