of a classic building

This listed historical building was converted into an office and prestige showroom by means of an aesthetic modernization.

The challenge the Hamburg based architects of ORP Architekten faced, while beeing assigned the task of the overall refurbishment and expansion, was to do justice to the historic building while also meeting the requirements of its new purpose by adding further storeys to the building.

Our task was to produce the classic wooden windows to comply with the legislation for the protection of historic monuments and at the same time to supply slim and modern-looking frames with large-area glazing for the additional storeys, which had to meet substantial structural requirements. After detailed discussions, the architect and the owner of the building opted for our partner product KORN air-lux, a system that offers a number of advantages: thanks to its patented, inflatable seal, it is 100 % wind-, sound- and rainproof.

The large window units we installed are powered by electric motors. They have a maximum area of 11 m² and weigh up to 850 kg, in some cases taking the form of stepped glazing with corner slides.

The biggest challenge was the logistics, because the delicate glass panes of extreme dimensions had to be transported to the building in poor wintry weather conditions. Moreover, the building itself was completely scaffolded and covered up during the building period.

Thanks to the excellent collaboration between our project management team, our installation team and the construction supervisors on site and by using special installation equipment, all 29 panes were installed perfectly intact. All 86 wooden windows with a maximum size of 1,64 m × 3,87 m were also installed professionally and on schedule in final painted state.

Project details:

Additional storeys:

  • 8 KORN air-lux sliding door systems with 9 electrically powered sliding sashes and 1 unit with post-free butt glazed section
  • 27 oversized glass panes with triple insulated glass
  • 2 butt glazed corners
  • Overall area of façade: 296 m²
  • Largest pane: 3.64 m x 3.0 m; 10.92 m²; 824 kg
  • Solar control glazing as low iron glass; Ug 0.6 W/m²K

Existing building:

  • 86 KORN LIGNUM window and door units made of wood, 68 of these elements with electrically powered skylights
  • Maximum dimensions: 1.64 m x 3.87 m
  • 45 dB sound proofing on road-facing side
  • Solar control glass on river-facing side
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