Review for 2022

In the first quarter of 2023 we would like to look back with pride on the previous year. Despite some unforeseeable challenges, such as a galloping inflation and the associated material price increases, which, in their short-term nature and magnitude, we have never experienced before, disrupted supply chains and the Covid-related high rate of sick leave, we were able to exceed our targets set at the beginning of 2022.
Without reducing our unparalleled product quality or skimping on material quality, we have managed to meet our delivery schedules. In our pursuit of perfection, keeping our promises to our customers is paramount. Under the motto, "You can rely on us!" our project management has successfully adapted to the new framework conditions.

Wellington, South Africa
Conneticut, USA

Based on our international experience, we were able to convince customers from Spain, England, South Africa, on Bermuda and the entire East Coast of the USA of our products. This success is based first and foremost on the reliability and skill of the people involved in all areas of expertise. We would like to thank our employees and partners for this.

Bermuda, United Kingdom
Hamburg, Germany
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