Development of a slim
post and rail façade:

KORN has always developed exceptional and aesthetic window constructions for exclusive villa architecture - worldwide.

At first the requirements for our new product “post and rail façade” seemed to be simple for the KORN engineers, but were actually very complicated in its realization. Smallest profile sections with minimal construction depth were the goal. After every constructive dimensioning, we minimized the element dimensions more, of initially 76/240 mm to now 150 mm depth – with only 60 mm profile section view. Therefore we had to rethink the characteristics of the material at the end.

Finally special laminates were developed as posts - with high bending stiffness and high aesthetic standards, to avoid any glue joints in the viewing range.
Also completely new is a two-leaf lift and sliding door which moves with a sightline of the same width exactly in front the post. The optical double section by the usual "inserted window" will not accrue and the facade looks smoothly and evenly.

For the first time the project “Four Oaks”, a private estate in South Carolina with five individual houses will be equipped with this new facade.

A total window area of 1200 m² with a height of 4m will be manufactured, shipped and installed. Due to the location of the property, far away from any infrastructure, the logistics plan has to be developed meticulously here in Wedel. Each component and each bolt must be exactly allocated and shipped. Late replacements deliveries during the installation phase are impossible.

For this project Sipo Mahogany is used on the outside and Larch on the inside, but generally the wood type can be chosen based on the overall diversity of the Lignum series.

Additional news can be read here after starting installation in the beginning of 2016!

Project data:

  • Development time: 10 months

  • Production time: 5 months

  • 1200 m² curtain wall construction

  • 25 Lift & Sliding Doors

  • 11 Turn and Tilt elements

  • Maximum height: 4 m

  • Cross-Section post: 60 x 150mm

  • Dimension sliding door: 4.60 m x 2.80 m

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